360MC: Flash Fiction – Animal Behaviour

As i stand outside the bedroom of the beast i can hear the roars coming from behind the door,  any time of the day you can hear faint or loud roars echoing around the house from the bathroom all the way to the corner shop at the end of the road. Whats caused this beast to start roaring? could it be a loss of a love one or a burst of rage from a self inflicted wound?.

If a outsider stumbled across this beast in he’s natural habitat they would have no doubt but to flee away from the noise he generates, but no one understands why or wants to find out. When the beast does leave he’s den you can hear the footsteps echo throughout the house stomping around looking for what food is stored for he’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. As the others lay to rest for the night they lay in their beds on edge waiting for the barrage of roars to continue.

On a unfortunate night, one of the other animals comes back at the hours everyone avoids to not see or conflict with the beast downstairs, in a hazed and sleepy state they did not check the time and discover the beast has emerged obtaining he’s food source for the next two days, they both lock eyes like a lion and a boar realising the hunt is about to begin. Only for the beast to greet them as they walk in and approach them in a polite and posh manor, as the other animal is standing in complete disbelief he’s seen the side of the beast the others haven’t and acknowledge each other and proceeds to go to sleep.

Until the sleepy animal realises that the beast is back to he’s old tricks, the roars now getting increasingly louder, with a passion and drive behind them. So the sleepy deer decides to investigate whats going on behind he’s closed door, the deer is stood at the door and takes a deep breath then counts down from 3 to 1 and opens the door without hesitating and is stunned by what is pouring through it’s eyes.

The beast’s roars for the past few weeks where not out of pain, loss or attention.. but the new release of FIFA 17…


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