360MC: FMP Ideas #1 – Stock Car Documentary

When it came to me deciding on what i wanted to do in my final year at Coventry University a handle full of ideas popped up in my head about what i could focus on and how would i be able to execute it once i go back into my third year.

One of the first ideas that popped up in my head was making a touching the surface documentary about stock car racing in united kingdom and how it came about to become one of the most popular obscure sports in the country and in remote parts of Europe.

The initial idea came from the world final being held in Coventry earlier this year at the end of September, and as my father’s friends actually raced in this discipline of sport for ten plus years it did make me question what sort of media exposure has the sport had since it was founded. A couple of years ago BBC did a small series based around stock car rivalry between two of the biggest families in the sport and followed them up to World Final where the series ended, and seeing this programme made me want to make something similar but not just focus on two drivers out of the entire sport.

My idea for the stock car documentary would be a light hearted and informative bare boned documentary about.

  • Who founded it
  • Sports progression
  • Rules & Regulation
  • Spectators views
  • Drivers views

I feel many people know of stock car racing but not know it’s full backstory and history, focusing on how stock car racing became a huge sport for the engine heads and why spectators go to watch the oval racing action, with my overall goal of the documentary to show the community of the sport and how they go about with the sport in general.

With me going to a fair amount of races over the past eight years i noticed most meetings(race weekends) you would always see the same bunch of faces around the track and pit’s who have followed the sport for years, travelling up and down the country every other weekend and even sometimes going to the european championships in the early part of the year.

Obviously the only concern i have for this FMP project is about the funding and planning of the documentary if i choose to do this as my final project, travelling to different locations around the united kingdom most weekends, accommodation and lugging equipment in and around the track and pit areas.

But with this initial idea theirs always other paths i can take the documentary if money becomes an issue, but as i said this was the first FMP idea that came into my head.

Here’s a taster video that BBC done while filming Gears & Tears.


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