360MC: FMP Ideas #2 – Still Spinning

For my second idea into what i wanted to do for my FMP year i remember reading a brief/email about starting to think about final project ideas over the summer, and when i looked at the list of projects that you can undergo e.g. short films etc i noticed it noted web sites a possible final major project.

When i read that information a brilliant idea popped into my head as i currently go run a music website with a fellow media production student in the same year as me, and with its popularity getting better and better each month with music labels sending us content to post on the website and information part of me has wanted us to be able to take the website to a business of some sorts. And what i mean by that is that we can offer services for bands/artists to make music videos for them and showcase them on the website exclusively, on top of that i’ve had numerous ideas about interviewing bands, filming concerts, promos, anything that i can create visually for them i would be more than happy to do.

Alongside that we can also push out weekly radio shows, podcasts and much more unique content that we can provide to our audience with latest album releases, music news and topics to spark discussing between our readers and fellow music internet users. Another thing i also noted from the FMP criteria was that you don’t have to make one piece you can make as many as you like depending on what route you go down e.g. internet based etc.

This is obviously something that i would like to do anyway, but if i can focus my time and effort on Still Spinning then i’ll be able to push the brand to the next level, but also be able to have fun and make the most out of something that i do for a hobby and feel very passionate about.

Link to Still Spinning: https://stillspinning.net/


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