360MC: Group Tutorial #1 (Thursday 6th October)

In todays tutorial with Mez we introduced ourselves around the room to current existing third years, but this year we have two Spanish students who’ve come over to study for the year plus other students from college doing their final year at Coventry University.

We went around the room and answered:

  • Full name
  • What we look for in stories
  • FMP Ideas and suggestions

Mez stated at the beginning of the tutorial that she wants everyone in this group to excel, which is nice to hear as she cares about us getting first class degree’s by the end of the year, knowing that she wants to help us succeed this year is defiently a bonus compared to last year where many lectures didn’t have that attitude towards media production students and just got down with the module at hand.

Hearing what the other media practitioner had to say about their FMP’s sound very exciting and interesting, with a wide range of different formats being thrown around with individuals already have a clear and well thought of FMP Ideas with people expressing that they want to film oversea’s.

With Mez explaining to us that if we are planning going abroad then your looking at a price tag within the range of £5000 up to £20,000 but the costs are more than justified with breaking down costs for.

  • Accommodation
  • Crew
  • Equipment
  • Locations





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