A302PA: Networking Skills in the Creative Industries – Introduction

networking-in-the-creative-industries-week-one-2016 (Week 1 Presentation)

  • Meeting people and making connections
  • Building and developing a rapport and levels of trust
  • Opportunities
  • Helping and supporting each other
  • It’s all about connections

Why we network?

  • Share experiences and resources
  • Meet new people
  • Employability
  • Developing skills and sharing
  • Problem solving and working with others

Term Breakdown

  • Week 1 – Introduction to networking in the creative industries
  • Week 2 – What you stand for – aims ambitions
  • Week 3 – Mapping your networks
  • Week 4 – Networking and Events Meeting people/ first impressions
  • Week 5 – Marketing and promotion
  • Week 6 -Pitching and Presenting your work
  • Week 7 – Tutorials
  • Week 8 – Tutorials
  • Week 9 – Presentation and pitches
  • Week 10 –Presentation and pitches
  • Week 11 –Presentations and pitches (first hour then drop in session)

“At its very simplest , networking is about meeting people and interacting with them. Effective business networking is the process of building up mutually beneficial relationships for your career or business” Heather Townsend : Business networking


How will i achieve my career goals after university?

  • Speak to contacts from sources
  • Set out a plan of action
  • Take risks


  • Make music website a official business
  • Television/Film industry
  • Leave a mark

How will i achieve this?

  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • Growing as a person
  • Plan

3 Short term goals

  • Meet more new people
  • FMP
  • Make the most of the year

3 Long term goals

  • Build on relationships
  • Foot in the industry
  • Work & Develop



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