364MC: Professional Practice Portfolio

This module runs in Term1 and Term2, 2016-2017. In Term 1 there will be three lectures and three workshops.

Module Tutor: Mez Packer
Telephone: 024 7688 7485
Email: m.packer@coventry.ac.uk

Lectures in Term 1 are as follows:

  • Lecture 1: Introduction to the module: October 11th at 1pm in ETG34
  • Lecture 2: October 25th 1pm in ETG34
  • Lecture 3: November 15th 1pm ETG34

Lecture dates in Term 2 will be added asap:

  • Lecture 4: Initial presentation of individual portfolios (T2 date TBC)
  • Lecture 5: Bringing it all together (T2 date TBC)

Module requires myself to build on the skills, knowledge and reflection that i’ve developed in PDP and professional experience modules and activities in previous years in the production of a professional portfolio that can be used to market myself after University, either within a specific ‘community of practice’ (corporate photography, music radio, wedding videography etc.)

https://www.prospects.ac.uk/job-profiles/film-video-editor (Prospects, Editor)

http://work.chron.com/make-media-portfolio-7743.html (Making a portfolio)

  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills

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