360MC: Research & Development – Storytelling

(Heider & Simmel, 1944)

  • What character is the big triangle?
  • What character is the little triangle?
  • What kind of character is the circle?

the-art-of-immersion (Frank Rose,2011)

Passion: a very powerful feeling, for example of sexual attraction, love,hate, anger, or other emotion

Narrative Fiction

  • Books
  • Film
  • Games
  • Social Media
  • Audio
  • Comic Books
  • Web Stories


  • Prehistory – Language of signs and coloured mud                       http://www.lascaux.culture.fr/?lng=en#/fr/00.xml
  • Visual – verbal/oral traditions
  • Ancient World – Poems and stories were often sung
  • Epic Poetry – The illusion spaces of the ancients and beyond
  • Religious Storytelling – The entertainment and suppression/oppression of an illiterate workforce/army

(Frank Rose, The Art Of Immersion)

Purpose of fiction

  • To entertain, inform and educate (Lord Reith, 1927)
  • To facilitate our acceptance, but with a certain kind of subdued dignity of our shared human condition (Oatley, 2010)
  • To perfect and imitate nature (Aristotle, 330BC)
  • Fiction is about what it’s like to be fucking human (David Foster Wallace, 2000)

Poiesis (Make)

  • Input of the artists

Mimesis (Imitate/Reflect)

  • Expression of the artwork
  • Characters should speak and act
  • Plot should unfold with verisimilitude
  • The writer/audience contract

Katharsis (Purify)

  • Effect on the recipient

Three things when writing

  • Pity – suffer an undeserved misfortune
  • Fear – put the character in even further jeopardy
  • Katharsis – relieve the fear by relieving the jeopardy

Book: Among Thieves, 2009 (Mez Packer)

The Seven Basic Plots are the basics of plot-writing.
  • Overcoming the Monster.
  • Rags to Riches.
  • The Quest.
  • Voyage and Return.
  • Comedy.
  • Tragedy.
  • Rebirth.

5 Min Story

“Once i walked into an abandoned house, the first things that grabbed my attention was the amount of dust and cobwebs accompanied by piles of rubbish and glass, once i made my way into the bedrooms upstairs my eyes fixed on a small wooden box under the bed, as i retrieved the box and opened it up i noticed a engagement ring. As i retrieved it out of the box i smelt burning and an increase in room temperature, as i looked down a thick black smoke was rising through the floor boards, so i dropped the ring back in the box and decided to run downstairs, as i got to the ground floor standing in front of the door i noticed the thick black smoke and fire had never.” – SNMJ

Picture Story

“No punk is going to lay he’s hands on my sister” said James, from the expression on he’s and her face you can tell they are split down the middle about what to do, she’s clearly still in love with him but can’t handle the physical beatings anymore, and you look at her brothers face who’s showing a sinister smirk to the ex lover of he’s sister. As James stand over the man in the trunk he simply say’s “Time to sleep with the fish”.












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