A302PA: Networking In The Creative Industries – Networks

Networking Regionally

  • How can you connect and capitalise on these networks
  • Meeting points – Theatre Cuppa in Birmingham, Emerge Magazine , Art space Coventry, Fargo Village, Ego.
  • Sign up to mailing lists for local information : Arts Jobs, events teams information from local authorities. Simply Emailing or Calling people (be cheeky and ask……they can only say no)
  • Track what other artists are doing in your area – where are they going? Who are they meeting?
  • Websites – WordPress blogs –who are the people you should be following. Let them know what you are doing, sharing information on your projects and you

Networking Nationally

  • What is happening in other regions?
  • Is there a cross over with your practice as an artist/similarities to others
  • Who is successful?
  • What work is getting the funding and support?
  • Find out who the key people are in those locations, and how can you reach them.

Networking Is A Skill

  • Face to face meetings are more than just formal meetings
  • Conferences
  • Business talks
  • Training courses
  • Clubs/ Societies
  • Personal events (parties or gatherings)
  • Chance meetings
  • Community related activities (gyms, classes etc)

The ‘Bin Bag’ Challenge

  • Create a concept, a design/product from your bin bag and sell the idea
  • Selling your product to everyone in this room
  • Groups of 5, mixed courses

Areas To Cover

  • Introduce your company background
  • Networks that might buy the product
  • Inspired you to create the product
  • Short term and long terms aims of the project
  • Sell the product
  • Everyone in the group must speak/present

Bin Bag Challenge Ideas

  • Halloween theme
  • Make shift budget
  • Women’s dress
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Tape / Ductape
  • Black Bags
  • White Bags
  • Accessories

Networks that will buy this product

  • Topshop/Topman
  • Nike
  • Primark
  • Fancy dress shops
  • Pound land
  • Corner shops
  • Council* sustainable & environment friendly
  • Nightclubs
  • Theme parks
  • Outdoor festivals

Inspired the product

  • Networking with a fashion student
  • Halloween is the next event
  • Gender neutral
  • All for the environment
  • Market research into current trends
  • Improving its lifespan and durability

Short & Long aims of the product

  • Building awareness
  • Establishing product in the market place
  • Paid / free promotion
  • Crowd funded
  • Fresh fashion initiatives
  • Global distribution
  • Market in third world countries and poorer economy
  • Education in making new lines of clothing when shipped w/ charities




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