A302PA: Networking In The Creative Industries – Marketing & Promotion

— Group 1 —

In today’s networking lecture, we had to present our ‘The bin bag challenge’ concepts, with the first group doing their presentation on a small bin bag pets with feet and eyes. with a RRP of £1, i like the concept and presentation lay out with a well constructed person by person run through.

— Group 2 —

The second group came up with a concept with using a bin bag as a object to make yourself sweat and lose weight, with the details and background of the product being well researched and defined with a funny introduction with two of their group members walking in to the class in a slow motion walk.

— Group 3 —

With the third group they made a presentation about a DSLR waterproof cover for the camera with a price of 18p and with a lifespan of roughly 7 years its a well prepared process with who their target audience along with short and long term goals about how to move the product forward with a very confident presentation with not shying away and answering the audiences questions.

— Group 4 Presentation — (My Group) w/ feedback

As we went to present our presentation about the dress, we got off to a great start with the sketches and original ideas being talked about to the audience, after that slide we moved onto the presentation video (Construction video) which showcased how we put the dress together and what it looked like on a person, then Lee went into the financial aspect of the product and how much it would cost to make and how much we could sell it for via retail.

With the second part of the presentation finishing strong and carrying the product over to the audience with a positive reaction and good feedback from the lecturer.

Assignment (Theory)

  • ASSIGNMENT – October 2016 – bespoke to you and your career
  • Outline the fundamental principles and practices underpinning successful networking, from a strategic and practical point of view. (2000 words)
  • 1) Strategically identify and show an understanding of:-
    • What networking is?
    • How to do it – the full range of approaches?
    • Why do it – what are the benefits?
    • What are the key skills needed to be a successful networker
  • 2) Illustrate (Must not be hand drawn)
  • Create a Network Map for yourself that clearly indicates and clarifies:-
    • Who is in your current network – including individuals and organisations
    • Who or where might your potential and future network lie
    • Consider the various groupings and sub-sections\sub-groups within your network and how best to represent this (i.e. on the page and\or digitally), that is both practical, useful and intelligible to you and a third party
    • How your map may need to change\be modified and utilised in terms of getting you to your desired destination

How often do you meet or engage with these people?

Think about:

  • What the members of your network do
  • What their relationship to you is
  • How they benefit (or might benefit) you
  • What you have contributed to the network (or might do in the future) i.e. what have you given back and in what way?


3) Finally as a result of the above exercise, research and analysis, identify your own networking goals – between 1 -3 and clearly outline what your own personal networking strategy will consist of over the next 12 months in order to achieve these goals.




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