360MC: Research For Creative Task 3 – Inspire

With the third and final artefact we had to make for 360MC we went to London and visited the Tate Modern museum, while we were there we looked a whole range of art and different installations to be inspired by. One piece that stuck out the most and give me inspiration for this task was called: How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File 2013 

Its a fourteen-minute, single-channel video projection. It consists of five chapters or lessons, each proposing ironic and often humorous ways in which an individual can prevent themselves from being captured visually by digital technology (Tate.org.uk, 2016) The way the video was showcasing it’s visuals to the audience really gave people an interest and wanted to stay and watch the whole fourteen minute video without taking their eyes of the screen. So for this task i took that as inspiration and made my video visually eye catching, with a vast array of bright colours to keep people drawn to the screen while watching it with a selection of different sound effects and sounds being manipulated to keep the audio side of the video engaging for the audience as well, from Mez saying it adds to the experience and the colours being shown on screen.

Alongside the Tate modern piece that was my first main influence for this task i decided to look at some music videos that could help me breakdown how they should of been presented and how to keep the audience engaged.

(Tame Impala – Mind Mischief, 2013)

The music video i looked at was Tame Impala’s – Mind Mischief, which has elements of real time footage crossed with animations, what i looked at during the video was how the pacing of the video was done and how it manages to keep the audience watching throughout the full five minutes of the music video, the first thing i noticed was the back and fourth transitions between the real world and the space animations which show the audience a different universe where a fantasy is taking place. The second thing i noticed was the timing of the cuts to the beat of the music, which compliments the song video progression of telling the audience a story that many wouldn’t expect especially when the basis for the video is a student and teacher becoming intimate with each other in the car park.

I also discovered a website called ‘Trippy.me’ http://trippy.me/ (Trippy.me, n.d.) which houses all the latest videos from the internet that individuals would best describe the videos along with some form of psychedelic music alongside as well as user submitted content for individuals like myself that like to create such videos and can upload it via a platform for others to see and gain feedback on. For the artefact my video will be heavily based around ‘Surrealism’ and taking the audience out of reality and giving them a different viewpoint on how life might be seen from others, taking something that already is real and making it unrealistic is something that i like to touch on in most of my previous projects and future projects.

(Exploring Surrealism with Peter Capaldi | Unlock Art, 2014)

I also looked at the origins of ‘surrealism’ with the video above made by the Tate modern museum it gave me an insight into where it came from and how it was created, with the aspect of ‘the unconscious mind’ and how art and literature were the founding formats for surrealism when it first started in 1924. in my personal opinion i’m glad video has become a cemented format as well as the endless amounts of different techniques and videos media practitioner can come up with in the 21st century and still have a original idea is one of the exciting things about how the media world operates and how it can influence and effect others to go out and make something.

The ‘Surrealism’ that is being used in the current generation is something that i take on and grasp, with many individuals between the age of 15 up too mid 20’s don’t want to be in this reality and are always seeking a way out of having to face reality, whether it be music, television or film with the youth of today having a different experience with early life than what it would have been for people born in the 90’s. Which could be the increase of younger adults and children using video games and social media as a form of temporary escape from their current lives, exactly the same reason when cinema was released on a public scale it was to invite individuals to come in and watch a film and temporarily disconnect yourself from your life and watch how others on screen could have a different life and what it would be like to be a millionaire for example.

Overall with the final creative artefact i’ve managed to create a piece that i think gives others an insight into what reality would be like with a vast array of bright colours constantly moving across the screen with an audio landscape to keep their hearing and sight focused on the video which is the only area’s i was focusing on, with a possible future  project where i can get smell and taste as an element while the audience watch the video.


Exploring Surrealism with Peter Capaldi | Unlock Art. (2014). .

Tame Impala – Mind Mischief. (2013). .

Tate.org.uk. (2016). ‘How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File’, Hito Steyerl | Tate. [online] Available at: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/steyerl-how-not-to-be-seen-a-fucking-didactic-educational-mov-file-t14506 [Accessed 29 Nov. 2016].

Trippy.me. (n.d.). Trippy.me – Reality is Overrated. [online] Available at: http://trippy.me/ [Accessed 30 Nov. 2016].






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