360MC: Creative Artefact 2 – Fear

For this creative task i decided to take photographs instead of film, due to the fact that it gives the images more meaning and effect to those looking at them, with this task relating to ‘fear’ i decided to take images that i relate to fear. My inspiration behind this was a movement that happened a couple of years ago on the app ‘vine’ where individuals would come forward with their personal fears and how they still suffer with them or how they confronted them and didn’t see them as a fear anymore.

I wanted to use the Canon 5d mark II for this task but the availability for the camera was booked out, so i used a Canon 700d with a standard 18-35mm lens with my IOS set at 800 which gave my photos a dark tint to them naturally from the weather overcasting dark grey clouds and small patches of rain from time to time.


With this photo their is a story behind it, on my way back from university i saw a group of young men trying to sort out this bike in the image above, when i went back out to do this task i found the bike left abandoned on the side of the path way, the talking point with this picture in regards to my first fear is being ‘abandoned’ either by friends or family or my partner, using this image shows abandonment in a different form of a subject being in an empty dark room and the images show abandonment in one form but i could have done it in other ways with items being left on street corners e.g. fly tipping etc.


For my second image is an elevator, many people suffer from being afraid to enter elevators for the way they are portrayed in film and television with them regularly breaking down or being destroyed from the cable breaking with individuals trapped inside, all though i wouldn’t say i fear elevators in general. Once i’m inside the thought is always in the back of my head “what would i do if the elevator broke down or started plummeting to the ground below?” its a very minor fear i have as i don’t use many elevators in and around university but it will always be something that will be a concern for me in my future life.


When i was in middle school ‘year 8’ we went on a hiking trip up some mountains in wales for a week, at that moment in time from my memories i wasn’t effect or scared by heights and if anything embraced the views and was amazed by them. I believe my fear of heights came from me playing third/first person games where i’ve fallen from great heights and i’ve reacted to it in real life, plus the amount of dreams where i’ve fallen from high up and i’ve woken up moments before i’ve hit the ground or died.


One of my biggest fears is death, not knowing if death will be a painful or non painful experience is something i think about every other day. Another aspect of death i’m not aware of yet is having someone close to me either friend or family passing away, so with that in my mind trying to prepare myself for the worst outcomes and how i will deal with a death in the family, plus not knowing what happens once you die and what happens to you after e.g. you can oversee and protect love ones etc. With that in mind i’m hopeful that the afterlife after death will be a new experience that i’ve never had before and if i can carry my life once i’m dead.


One of my weirdest fears is ‘Spiders’ from what i can recall when i was a child was i used to pick up random garden spiders all the time and housed them as pets in empty glass jars and feed them daddy long legs and flies. It weren’t until three years ago that i got into bed and felt something touch my arm, to the find out it was one of the most dangerous spiders to live in the UK called the ‘false widow’ spider which can be lethal if bitten. Ever since i’ve always been cautious with checking my room inspect all corners just incase it happens again.


Being watched/stalked by cameras or individuals is also another fear that i’ve come to grips with since moving away from home and coming to Coventry to study, at first i was conscious off CCTV but it’s since we’ve been learning about surveillance and monitoring in society and how it’s a major factor that have effects on our lives through for example, whenever you search anything on the internet it gets saved and get personalised ad’s aimed at what your search history has been, something that most individuals in society have awareness of but has become a second nature in todays society.


My final fear on this list is ‘drowning’ just the thought of dying from swallowing excessive amounts of water and flooding your body, and depending on the location of where you drown you might never be found again and might just sink to the bottom of a dark lake/sea without anything knowing and being lost forever and having your body decaying with sea/lake creatures feasting off my body.

To summarise for this task, i’m happy with the approach i went for on this giving others insights into my own personal fears and how i deal with them or see them in that light, with myself looking forward to the third and final task of ‘Imagine’.


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