360MC: Research For Creative Artefact 2 – Fear

When it came to me thinking about what to do for this creative artefact, i decided to look at what projects currently exists that touch on fear and i found a website/project called ‘Fear Projecthttp://www.fear-project.com/the-fears/ (Fear Project, 2012) .Which is based on individuals submitting their fears through simple text or using images to explain to others what their fears are and how they portray them to others without using words.

Looking at the art style that the artist uses on the website is interesting, as users submit their fears in text form and the artist draws them into images for others to be able to depict and imagine how many individuals fears can only be described through text and can’t put a information in visual form. Another project i found was called ‘100 Days Without Fearshttp://100dayswithoutfear.com/ (100 Days Without Fear, 2015) where an individual documented her experiences with dealing and confronting her fears, from this it actually helped me front some of my fears that i discuss in my creative artefact for fear where i’m in positions that i didn’t want to be in but by me confronting them to get the images i wanted it made my creative task more ‘to the point’ and giving others and insight into my point of view and how others can step into my shoes while looking at the photo’s to get an understanding of how one person can fear thing that others might embrace and love.

While looking at websites in relation too fear i also looked looked at ‘fear mongering‘ and how the political parties used it to their advantages to sway voters and label the uneducated into voting for them with false hope and lies created to gain power, my initial idea was too aim for something along the lines of making photo’s seem more menacing then what they were originally to see how easily it is done by the media to take such an innocent image and give it a whole new meaning.

(The Science of Fear-Mongering: How to Protect Your Mind from Demagogues | Susan David, 2016)

Another inspiration behind my ideas for fear came from the newly commissioned works at the design museum which shows a spectrum of issues that define our time, including: networked sexuality, sentient robots, slow fashion and settled nomads. Before i decided on my final approach for the fear task i decided to look at current issues happening in society that most individuals are scared of e.g. online dating, stalkers and images or information being exposed to a greater audience through social media platforms, with rough outlines for the idea being aimed at me taking images that are related to using social media and how individuals use it in different ways. For example having an image of a young teenage girl laying on her bed with her laptop in front of her with boy/men aged between her age all the way up to a full grown adult peaking out from behind her laptop screen watching her on her bed.

(Do’s and Don’ts when using social networks, 2011)

My angle for this idea was to take images in different forms that have a hidden symbolism to issues many young adults are dealing with through using social media, making an internet safe/anti bullying campaign highlighting how dangerous the internet can be and how to be smart when using social media.

With my main focus points for this idea coming from my own past experience and many of friend and family that have been effected by individuals harassing them or cyber bullying and in this current day and age children from as young as 10 have access to iPhones and the app store that houses many social media platforms and not being monitored by their parents or teachers which in my eyes will always increase cases of bullying and lack of learning in young individuals as they will be to concerned with online persona and not their actual lives.

Although this wasn’t the idea i settles with its defiently something i want to explore later in the future if it becomes a bigger problem than what it is already in young children’s upbringings, as social media is now a platform to be something you were never before the amount of bullying, harassment and possible long term psychological damage that can be created from revealing information to others is something the government need to take into account and act upon it quickly before it’s embedded into schools across the country and across the world.


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The Science of Fear-Mongering: How to Protect Your Mind from Demagogues | Susan David. (2016). Youtube.




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