360MC: Creative Artefact 3 – Imagine

In relation to my surrealism research for this creative artefact i’ve applied it from pen to paper with my final creative artefact, with a range of different exposures throughout the video accompanied by a wide variety of colours and pixilation to add to the effect of the videos and give the audience an eye watering video to watch with very little context so it’s up to the audience watching to interpret the narrative of the video.

As this creative task is going to be discussed in detail in the critical analysis i won’t go into much detail, but i thought i would upload the artefact for everyone to view. Overall with this artefact i had a lot of fun adjusting the sliders of the colour exposure throughout the video and the audio distortions that add to what the visuals are representing on the screen giving everyone a step into how i like to editing projects when i have creative freedom over it.

For this project i used a Canon 700D and shot a wide array of facial expressions and different items inside the room, once i put the footage into Adobe Premiere i looked through a variety of different video effects to see what worked best with my plan of action for this video. On top of that i also used a wide variety of audio sound effects to distort the audio, which in my eyes compliments the visuals of the video and a perfect way to wrap up my final creative task.


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