360MC CW2 #1: FMP Introduction -Music Video

At the end of second year the lectures at university gave us a heads up about next year being FMP year and start to think about what you want to make for your final big submission. Instantly i knew what i wanted to create as my final showcase piece of work and it was creating a five to ten minute music video that throughout will have a subtle storyline to accommodate the songs lyrics while still capturing the bands image and presence throughout.

For the past two years of my university course i’ve been co running a music website called ‘Still Spinning’ where the purpose of the website is to showcase music from across the world without giving individuals too much information in regards to who they are and what genre of music they represent and from this many music labels across the world now share with us exclusive music along with being able to interview bands, review live shows, listen to albums pre release etc.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 13.23.35.png(Still Spinning, 2017)

From the amount of networking we have done in the past two and a bit years we’ve become really close with the majority of United Kingdom based music record labels who’ve given us countless opportunities to collaborate with them and their artists, baring that in mind when i decided to create a music video for my final major project i knew i already had the upper hand as i’ve had multiple artists asking if we produce video content for them e.g. press packs, music videos, interviews etc.

So with that i decided to use every resource i’ve got in my music industry related contacts and reached out to upcoming (primarily independent based) artists/bands around the midlands area to step forward if they would like to have a high quality music video made for nothing*, from that sparked multiple groups and individuals replying to our call out with willingness and already major ideas on what they would like straight out of the starting blocks.

Another reason why i have decided to produce a music video for my final major project is that many others on the course are creating short films and documentaries. I’m not saying that is a bad thing on their part but from my personal view i’ve made countless short films and documentaries for over six to seven years and i’ve only ever made one music video so far as a media practitioner so for my final year at university it made sense for me to make another music video and make it my best piece of work to date.

(SNMJ Productions, 2017)

This example above is the music video i created when i was studying BTEC Media Production Level 3, looking back on the video now and how we pieced it together e.g. visuals and editing wise it still kind of blows my mind that we won an ‘best editing award’ for this piece of work considering it was only under two minutes long and i we still managed to pull win an award for it was defiently a highlight of my college days.

Moving forward with this final major project music video i’m already on the edge of my seat to get this production underway and make a piece of media that i can boast about and showcase to clients, friends and family and other music related individuals who would be looking for similar work being produced for them.

Overall i’m excited and yet nervous about this term depending on how everything goes in the first couple of weeks of pre production and production will determine for me if it will be successful or not.. only time shall tell!


SNMJ Productions, (2017). Ohmtrix – Medicate (Music Video). Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-DxrlWctxc [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].

Still Spinning, (2017). Still Spinning Homepage. [image] Available at: https://spinninstill.wordpress.com [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].



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