360MC CW2 #2: FMP Inspirations – Music Video

When it comes to producing a music video whether it be big or small you have to understand the codes and conventions of music videos and what makes them visually stimulating to fit in with the song its creating s visuals for, this is and still is something i always pay attention to when i receive music videos from record labels/artists to post up on the website. Due to the amount of different genre based artists we hear from it has really opened my eyes in the past two and a half years of how music videos are crafted and what makes an ineffective music video and what makes an effective music video.

(Bring Me The Horizon, 2016)

When you look at the context of this music video and what content it contains and how it relates to the music itself it doesn’t but what the music video is representing visually is underlying tones of society and how people represent it in America, endless amounts of gun violence, black minorities shooting police officers.

What i really like with this music video is the way the visuals and story interconnect with each other e.g. the main character isn’t being affected by the other individuals around him but he is witnessing the actions in front.

By that it’s representing to me and others that all this violence and destruction is happening in the world but not on our door steps (depending where your from) but it’s the way society have deemed it as if it’s not effecting them then why does it matter if this particular country has become a war zone, leading us to believe in the music video that soon it will be us the public fighting against each other in a civil war/end of the world scenario.

Another reason why i find music videos engaging is that they are the visuals of the song, if the visuals can’t depict the lyrics or meaning of the song then the visuals have some way or another failed the audience watching and wanting to see how their band/artist want to visually represent the song.

(Foals, 2013)

With this particular music video by Foals, the song and the visuals being shown on screen are in connection with each other and make the audience feel engaged by whats being shown on screen with the song underneath because it’s showcasing to the audience what type of situations can occur in the night or others will believe that the story being told is life e.g. sex, birth, life and death all being under one roof. When i think about affective music videos the first thing that pops into my mind is how the visuals are affecting me, do i have goosebumps, is the pacing correct, am i invested in the story and visuals on screen.

Overall when it comes to what inspires me to create a final major project music videos is that i want the audience that want to watch it will be either emotionally or visually invested in what music video i will be creating, i believe the most affective videos out there that have millions of views is the one’s where the visuals and audio are in sync with each other creating almost a temporary atmosphere while your watching the video play out and thats something i’m going to take full advantage of when it comes to the post production side of the music video.


Bring Me The Horizon, (2016). Bring Me The Horizon – Follow You. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tVWt2RDsoM [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].

Foals, (2013). Foals – Late Night. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP-HSoe7IAU [Accessed 17 Jan. 2017].








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