360MC CW2 #4: FMP Development – Music Video

When it came to me piecing together what myself and the band wanted as a final outcome it was interesting on both sides how we agreed on certain elements of the music and on others their would be a disagreements between the individual band members and myself on a couple of occasions.

Baring in mind in the early stages of pre production of the music video we were establishing contact through video and voice calls on a every other day basis which gave me the opportunity to take their ideas and feedback, and experiment the next day and develop the plans in multiple different ways to see what the possible best outcome would be for that particular idea.

One of the ideas that they threw at me was a possible animation piece slotted in the video for around 20-30 seconds, although to some that might not seem like a heavy work load i’ve never created any animation on a video production scale which in this case could holding me back i do have friends who study animation and graphic design who can assist me with putting the animation segment together.

Although unfortunately at a later period they decided against the animation part of the music video and decided to keep it a traditional video of purely camera and not computer generate imagery, after a couple of weeks of throwing ideas and pre production paperwork around we decided to finally meet up and seal the deal with the production which gave myself and them any last questions that needed answering about the production side of the project. After myself and the band met up we decided to go location scouting together to see if we could find any ideal locations for exterior shoots and we stumbles across two of these outside locations in the west midlands.



The first place we visited was Coombe Abbey park which has vast greenland and a perfectly secluded wooded area which contains different amounts of light and dark area’s within the forest itself which will give for some great natural light sequences,But also the darker area’s of the forest can be lit using on site LED’s that can be powered and controlled on location without any plug power sources needed.

The second image is Burton Dassett which is based in and around Warwickshire that has a variety of different sized hills, open land and scenery around which we all believed would be a great location for wide establishing shots of the band from a far. With those two locations in mind we also established early on that we would also be filming part of the music video indoors switching between studio and a possible live performance (if any tours were announced with them).

The last communication with the band was about a week ago, we were checking in with the bands availability this year e.g. live shows, recording new album etc, and they seem to be fairly open during the time frame i have to create and produce this FMP idea to production so that’s a worry off my shoulders. Overall watching the production develop over the past three to four months has been gearing me up for when we get to go out and finally make these productions so i can’t wait to get my hands stuck in with the project with the majority of the shoot already planned and finalised this term should be interesting.



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