360MC CW2 #5: ‘Music Video’ Visual Content – Research

When it came to deciding the visuals aspect of the music video myself and the band decided to sit down together when we meet up last month and look at some examples of music videos that they like the aesthetic of and see if we could come up with our own ideas for the final major project music video.

Below are a handful of screenshots that i have put together of what the band and myself have agreed on going forward in pre production to make the storyboards and shooting script finalisation based of these screenshot inspirations.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Referring to the screenshots the lack of colours is a predominant factor in most of them and that’s something that will be a occurring theme throughout the entire music video, with bursts of colour in certain segments to add to the context of the video and flustering colours on the instruments they posse.

Also when we looked at the screenshot’s we also decided to talk about what type of camera angles will be the most effective and how to engage the audience watching into entire video without switching off at any point, with the majority of us agreeing that we should do extreme/close ups of the band members and the instruments to give an intense and hands on experience for the audience watching. I also threw out to the band members what they were looking for lighting wise and they agreed with a a choice of high key and low key lighting with momentary lens flare and blurriness.

Now that myself and the band have agreed on the visual aspects of the production in pre production i’m thoroughly looking forward to getting out onto locations and start filming my final major project, but i’ve also said to myself that i will continue researching more music videos for any other inspirations just in case other shoots get abandoned or cancelled as a back up.




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