360MC CW2 #6: ‘Impact’ – Music Video

Target Audience

When it came to researching about my target audience for my genre of music video I had to go out and do extensive research using primary & secondary research to help me discover what my audience age range would be. The first step I took was to go out into the general public and give them on the spot questions that I filled out in regards to the genre of music video I’m making, from doing this I gained back a significant amount of responses to the questions I asked the general public.

While I was conducting my target audience research I also decided to ask individuals between the age’s of 16 all the way up to 25 to what their response’s would be in regards to wanting to watch this music video when it’s available and if it’s something they would be interested in or not. After the primary research of the target audience was complete I then proceed to go online and look at articles from music websites that I believe would have a target audience I would like to aim the music video at e.g. NME, Pitchfork, Stereo gum etc.

What I learned from my secondary research is that the target audience I’m aiming this genre of music video to do still exist and are looking for new content more than ever before. When you browse Reddit and search for r/listentothis you’ll find hundreds and thousands of individuals seeking brand new and exciting music to tell their friends about and share across their social media platforms.

When I gathered all the information together from my primary and secondary research I then went and crosschecked my results with the ABC123 demographic system, which can gave me a near accurate outcome of who my target audience is and how to aim the video towards them, overall from the audience research I found these two categories from the ABC123 demographic were.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.18.49.jpg

(Geographics, n.d.)

  • C2 – Skilled manual occupation
  • DE – Semi-skilled & unskilled manual occupations, Unemployed and lowest grade occupations


Another idea I had in mind once the music video was completed in it’s entirety was how would myself and the band want it showcased to the general public and more importantly our target audience, the first thought that came to mind was looking at what type of music channel still exist on television. But from that thought I then asked myself “I don’t even watch music videos on television anymore” so from that sparked me to look into online distributions e.g. YouTube, Vimeo & online music websites.

Not only can I offer the band a high quality music video but I also can showcase the finished piece on my co owned music website which has been live and active for over two and half years. Along with the bands own social media presence and followers we decided to collaborate on the promotion of the video on its imminent release. Another aspect of the distribution I also looked into was submitting the music video at multiple music video festivals around the world and the ones I found that have gained my attention were.

  • The Los Angeles music video festival
  • Berlin music video awards
  • Widescreen film & music video festival
  • UK music video awards

The benefits of submitting the finished music video to festivals around the world is that from a personal standpoint for me I can showcase my skills and capabilities on a production level, where as the band themselves will gain exposure for their music and the band’s status also gaining them more followers and a increase in their social media presence.

Press / Social Media 

When it comes to the press release of the project the band’s PR and myself are capable of promoting the upcoming project to their current audience and new members from showcasing to them on my production social media pages and the bands social media pages.

With the video going to be shown on a online basis it makes complete sense for my project to be heavily influenced by internet users and their behaviours towards music publications across the internet, in my eyes giving the target audience a ‘taster’ every so often after music video shoots will keep them interested and also gain more attention from them sharing with their friends and family also.

The band and myself have also agreed on doing some small interviews and vlogs throughout the whole production for social media filler while the production is still on going. By doing this we can keep the level of ‘buzz’ between their fans and other music outlets to start paying attention to what we are putting together.


Geographics, U. (n.d.). Social Grade A, B, C1, C2, D, E – UK Geographics. [online] Ukgeographics.co.uk. Available at: http://www.ukgeographics.co.uk/blog/social-grade-a-b-c1-c2-d-e [Accessed 19 Jan. 2017].


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