360MC CW2 #7: ‘Logistics’ – Music Video


What you will find below is calculated cost information for this project based of the Coventry University Media Production Rate Card to give myself and others an insight into how much it would cost for crew & equipment hire.


  • Camera Operator: £468
  • 1st AD: £488
  • Lighting: £468
  • Location Manager: £420
  • DOP (Cinematographer): £674
  • Editor: £674

Equipment Hire

  • Canon 5D MKII w/ 24-105mm f4 – £75
  • Sony NEX FS100 – Body Only: £125
  • Canon 24mm f2.8: £30
  • Canon 35mm f2: £30
  • Canon 50mm f1.8: £15
  • Canon 85mm f1.8: £45
  • Canon 70-200mmf4: £35
  • Canon 70–200mmF2.8: £35
  • Shoulder Mounts: £10
  • Glide track: £30
  • LED Ring light: £5
  • LED Micro light panels: £18
  • Clapperboard: £5
  • LCD Viewfinder: £10


  • Catering: £40
  • Travel: £50
  • Festival Entry Fee’s: £100

Total: £3850

The cost’s above are calculated based on media industry daily rates if I was going to be making this music video on a freelance basis, and looking at the cost of the whole production with the above total really put’s into perspective that If I wasn’t studying at Coventry University it would be a very expensive production but with the MLS (Media Loan Shop) at are disposal the cost of the project would actually calculate to.

Final Budget

  • Catering: £40
  • Travel: £50
  • Festival Entry Fee’s: £100

Total: £190

When you compare and contrast how much it would make outside of education it makes me appreciate the amount of facilities and equipment I have on hand to go out and make any project I want. As a student £190 is more of a practical budget especially because I work part time so I can add some of my own money to the project along with contributions from the band themselves and their independent record label to get the funds needed to complete this project.

Alongside that I’m also thinking about the options that are available e.g. funding that is available to freelance/independent filmmakers like IndieGoGo, Kick Starter where you can get donations towards a project, but I’m not entirely sure I’ll need to go down that road for this project as it’s a manageable financial and practical wise.

Production Schedule  

At the end of second year I knew the next year coming up would be a very hectic and condescended my schedule will be, while I was doing the pre production stage of the project I sat down with the band members and asked them about their availability in the first four months of 2017. Below is what our planned schedule for the music video project based of the band member’s availability.

  • Late January/Early February: Pre production finalisation and location agreements.
  • Mid-Late February: Initial test shoots and experimenting production
  • March: produce music video.
  • April: Begin Post-Production on music video.
  • Mid-Late April: Finalise Edit with the band.
  • May: Distribution online & music video festivals.

With the production schedule listed above I believe this structure is a well-balanced and well-prepared schedule for myself and the rest of the band basing it off their availability, and the time scale I have to create my final major project I believe I’ll have the production under control and it won’t fall behind schedule and make sure I stick to the outlined schedule above.


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