360MC CW2 #10: 360MC CW2 Proposal & Module Evaluation

Evaluating my proposal for 360MC CW2 i take great pride in the amount of content that i can share with my target audience and the university, with the website that i’ve created showcasing all of this information as well as a audio visual proposal i believe i’ve got my final major project pitch across to those who want to know about the project and overall what lectures will think of it also.

The reason i highly praise my music website is that its continuity on all of the pages and all the tabs that are available on the website are marked clearly contain rich resources of information about the build up too my project and how the project will be running over the course of the next three months. If there was anything i could go back and do again with more time i would have put together a official digital press kit with posters, trailers and small clips hinting at what the final major project will contain.

When it comes to looking back on 360MC and what it’s helped me improve over the course of the module is my attention to detail and how to go about researching and developing my ideas to the best of their abilities, with us having to research every aspect of our final major project for pitch purposes and the idea itself i believe this module has not only helped me but also the majority on the media production course overall.

What i have found valuable from this module was the different types of research you can conduct e.g. not only using the internet as a source, seeking out books in the library to also help me with researching into subjects that haven’t been touched upon on the internet with a reliable source, on top of that i’ve also discovered going out and doing vox pops with the general public and also sending out questionnaires to random sources of different age ranges to get a full spectrum of different target audience’s  that will be interested in my final major project.



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