360MC CW2 #9:’The Final Hurdle’ Video Proposal



Footage of live performance (30 seconds / 1 minute video)

Hello, my name is Samuel Jakings and this is my online video proposal for my music video titled “The Final Hurdle”. A year ago i was asked to go and record a live performance of a band called “Strong boy” who was playing in a music venue in my home county.

The live performance was filmed entirely on my own using only one camera and a rode microphone which at the time was all the equipment i had at hand. After the show finished the band saw visuals i had captured on the night and proposed to collaborate with me again in the near future once the new album had been recorded.

Recently the band got back into contact with me and stated the album was done and ready for me to start the pre production for the music video. Breaking down the lyrics for “The Final Hurdle” the underlying tone is running away and being lost.

I want this music video to give the band recognition that they deserve for a well written piece of music lyrical and instrumentally.

Researching into other music videos with tones of abandonment and being hopeless that many people interpretations are not all the same. Deaf Havana’s video for ‘Leeches’ shows a lone women and a mysterious man in a neglected house without any context to the situation. If you pay close attention to the lyrics of the song and the visuals being represented on screen they work in harmony with each other and that’s what i believe creates and effective music video.

Another piece that inspired my music video is Bring Me The Horizons ‘Sleepwalking’ where another lone women is walking around in and out of different scenario’s and place’s where the visuals keep jumping backwards and forwards giving the audience watching a sense of confusion and momentary misdirection leading to a concluded ending.

What “The Final Hurdle” brings to the table is a unique showcase of different camera techniques and story telling forming together to create a blend of short film meets experimental music video with a non traditional narrative be prepared for the unexpected.



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