361MC: Final Media Production #2 – Production Folder

Headings for dossiers

  • Key Influences / Market Research
  • Originality
  • Group work process
  • Impact
  • “Someday Maybe” Features, Future Plans
  • Individual Development and Execution
  • Final Reflection
  • Last Thoughts


  • Evidence everything (audio, stills, video)
  • Digitise all documents and put them in one place, clearly labeled
  • Make it interesting
  • Write a diary entry each day (or week)
  • Put down everything you have done
  • Always find time to capture a still or document your work in an interesting way – audio, slides, video, 360s
  • Use the headlines in the assignment brief as you are writing to help you focus . . . .

What should i submit?

  • The artefact
  • The dossier

You might want to include links to a separate website, which hosts

  • Project overview
  • Your EPK
  • Your Trailer
  • Cast and crew profiles
  • Links to your fundraising campaign
  • Blog
  • Production journal
  • Documentation
  • R&D
  • Test shoots
  • Pre- & post production
  • Design
  • Roles and responsibilities

Case Study 1
Lost sheep/forgotten child

Case Study 2



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