364MC: Professional Practice #1 – Introduction

Media Production Student Quotes 

  • “I am just making a showreel”
  • “It’s not that important a module. It’s only ten credits”
  • “I thought it was a joke module until I finished it: then I realised it was probably the most important module on the degree”
  • “I haven’t even thought about it yet” “I don’t need to talk to anyone outside Uni. I know what I am doing”


  • In 2010 there were 106 applications for every graduate media role (paid and intern). That’s a rise of over a fifth (22.6%) compared with 2009.
  • That figure is still broadly the same. In 2008 and 2009 the number of graduate vacancies in media fell by 57%.
  • It is only now starting to rise again In 1999, 7,400 students were on undergraduate media studies courses. Ten years later there were 25,400.
  • That’s more than triple. That figure is still roughly the same now. 233 days. The number of days before you leave University

What Is A Portfolio

Traditionally, portfolios for entry-level media jobs tended to be videotapes or DVDs of a representative sample of a person’s work with a covering letter and CV that were sent to prospective employers (often speculatively) by post.

  • They are now almost never on DVD
  • They almost never just show a sample of a person’s work but show evidence of other skills too.
  • They are rarely sent in the post to a specific person but are ‘found’ by people in the industry.

Examples of DOP


If you look at the Creative Skill set website, most media production jobs require:

  • Communication skills
  • Time-management skills
  • Networking skills
  • Technical and creative skills

Consolidating My Skills

  • Skills you already have (still, video, sound) and the evidence for claiming that skill
  • New skills you need to carry out your FMP and how you intend to obtain them.
  • Skills or further training you need for entry into the workplace.




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