364MC: Professional Practice #4 – Showreels

What do I have to do to prove I have made contact with a professional?

  • Screen shots of emails or social media conversations
  • Recordings of conversations of interviews embedded using Soundcloud
  • Transcripts of interviews
  • Take a selfie!

Do I really have to buy domain space?

  • Portfolio sites like Behance or WordPress plugins like Vimeography
  • Having your own domain is not necessary but it will be invaluable if you intend to freelance

What should i put on my portfolio website?

  • Should I still make a show reel if I don’t want a traditional media job?
  • Should I include my CV?
  • Do I show all the projects I’ve been involved in or just a sample?
  • Do I include projects where I had a role I don’t want to do in the future?

Good practice

  • Students attending networking events
  • Students crewing on other people’s projects
  • Students attending talks and masterclasses
  • Students attending internships/work experience etc

364MC Tasks

  • Researching your chosen field in depth (and blogging your findings)
  • Contacting professionals (and evidencing your efforts)
  • Meeting and interviewing (if possible) one or two of your contacts (and evidencing your efforts)
  • Planning and making your showreel
  • Choosing your web environment and populating your template
  • Polishing and uploading your CV
  • Aggregating your work experiences and professional networking and putting them on your blog

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