364MC: Professional Practice #5 – Research & Development: Camera Operator #1

The first role i’m looking to focus on when it comes to professional practice is how an inspiring camera operator can establish themselves and showcase their camera skills to individuals and future employee’s if they didn’t have any videos or portfolios at hand.

With most individuals i know that study or work in the media industry they all posse a huge amount of knowledge of what camera’s are currently the industry standard along with knowing a vast array of different techniques and settings to use on a different variety of camera’s ranging from the DSLR’s all the way up to 4/6k quality cinematography cameras.

From this i decided to look around for some ‘Camera Operator’ books that have been published in the past that gives individuals who seek to be a camera operator the guidance and general tips and information to help them on their journey to becoming.

What You Need

  • Take a video course in high school or college, you will also train on the job
  • A camera operator needs a spirit of adventure to shoot in difficult or dangerous locations
  • If you work on your own, you’ll need to buy a professional camera and editing equipment
  • Excellent computer skills are essential

(Horn, 2009)

While reading this book i started to question how outdated the information in the book was as over eight years old and the media industry as a whole as changed over them years with many inspiring camera operators opting not to study media at college or university level and simply buying their own equipment and going freelance. And why you look at why they choose freelance instead of learning about it in an educational environment is that they can experiment in their own time and pick and choose what work they want to participate in.

A great freelancer that springs to mind is a man that goes by the name of Luke Rance: https://lukerancemedia.com/, who i studied media at college with for over two years, and what he did along side his study’s was record and edit together urban sports videos along with a various amounts of music and industrial based content. He choose not to study at university but because he had been freelancing throughout college and beyond he gained the attention of many different industries proposing to work with him on future projects.

Where as some may want to study further and go to cinematography based only university thats specialise in only one aspect of media production, although they don’t come cheap in regards to tuition fee’s the amount of time and dedication put into the course can give individuals graduating a unique advantage to others who might be studying media in a generalised sense.


The website above contains very useful and up to date information in regards to being or becoming a camera operator both freelance and in the media industry breaking the page down too.

  • Entry requirements
  • Skills required
  • What you’ll do
  • Salary
  • Working hours, patterns and environments
  • Career path and progression

When it comes to seeking camera operator jobs in the industry their are many websites that you can browse through that give individuals insight and exact job descriptions of what their future employer wants from them.

Knowing their is countless amounts of information and advice across the internet with other aspiring camera operators it gives individuals from all backgrounds the opportunity to follow their career paths and giving them hands on experience which will can prove crucial to landing a high end industry job. The final website i want to discuss on this research post is a website called https://www.societyinmotion.com/ and what they are trying to achieve can be summed up by this quote i found via their website.



Horn, G. (2009). Camera Operator. 1st ed.

IMIS. (2017). About – IMIS. [online] Available at: https://www.societyinmotion.com/about/ [Accessed 1 Mar. 2017].




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