364MC: Professional Practice #6 – Networking & Professionalism

Networking is not..

  • Just telling people what YOU want
  • Meeting someone once
  • ‘Need work’
  • Pushing yourself
  • Asking for a job
  • Something you do ‘for the sake of it’

Networking is..

  • Engaging with life
  • Connecting with people
  • Building a relationship
  • Gradual
  • Something you do already
  • Listening to others
  • ‘Panning for gold’

Be prepared

  • Your business card
  • Your online presence- LinkedIn etc
  • Record keeping system – you need to record every phone conversation, face to face meeting, email, contact detail etc
  • Your brand
  • Your personal pitch – short and long version


  • Areas of work that interest me
  • Organisations that interest me: what they do, what they need, information they can give me
  • Events, and who will be there
  • Show up
  • People to contact
  • The names of decision makers

Networking strategy

  • List who you already know – family, contacts, attendance at other events
  • Join a virtual network, such as LinkedIn
  • Find a reason to get in touch
  • Join a professional association


  • Enthusiastic
  • Interested
  • Helpful
  • Positive
  • Genuine
  • Humble
  • Calm
  • Believe in yourself
  • Appearance

Follow up

  • Taking their card is more valuable than giving out yours
  • Email after the meeting to say ‘thank you’
  • Connect on LinkedIn etc
  • Find a reason to get in touch – did you promise to send them some information; did you discuss a charitable event?
  • Keep in touch with your network and let them know how you are getting on.



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