364MC: Professional Practice #11 – Research & Development: Editor #2 – SNMJ Production: Editor Projects

In this post i will be discussing and detailing the projects i have worked on in regards to being a editor which spans over six years of media production in education and outside projects.

Not only was i the camera operator for ‘Ward 731’ i also edited the final cut together also, working closely with the director Becky Shipley at the time we had a good idea of what we wanted the final cut to be, with her directions during the editing process we both exchanged ideas back and fourth about certain segment’s that could have more impact when the audience views it compared to what we had together before the final edit.

Throughout the film the main character doesn’t understand what she’s done to end up in the positions she’s in, from that we decided to edit in a sequence that is made to look like a flashback with the speed increased to resemble the electricity that she has just endured through her brain. Once we re cut the sequence it added to the psychological thriller that the genre was trying to posse.

Although we did have some obstacles to climb with the production having a female lead actress who dropped out after filming the beginning segment of the film, but thankfully due to a minor reshoot at the start we managed to use the first actress footage and cut it together with the new female lead.

(SNMJ Productions, 2013)

The second edit i worked on in my second year of studying media production was a client music video, again i was part camera operator for this production as well as having to feature in the production itself as a male antagonist.

When it came to the editing process i decided from the pre production i had conducted at the time to cut closely with the beat of the music for added effect, not only that but myself and the client decided to add subtle text to appear throughout the music video to incorporate  underlying tones that the lyrics were suggesting to the audience. On top of that i also incorporated a variety of different visual effects overlaying on my face and cross transitions objects, alongside that i also saturated the red from the lighting and enhanced it’s temperature to give off a vibrant glow throughout the music video.

And towards the end of my first year at college studying media production this music video also won in the ‘Best Edit’ category in which myself and the other crew members decided to split the trophy for all of our efforts in pre, during, and post production.

(SNMJ Productions, 2014)

When it came to editing isolation this was the first project i had ever undertaken at university level, with brief camera work on the production also my main role was to edit the three minute short film together using Adobe Premiere.

Which at the time was a huge step up for me as the only editing software i had used prior was Final Cut Pro, with the keyboard shortcuts and layouts being complete opposites i had to learn how to edit on Adobe within three days of the production being wrapped up. What i achieved in this edit compared to the last two was the introduction to sounds in the background and with objects that were being interacted with by the two main characters, one of the proudest cuts i’ve ever accomplished was when the main character falls out of he’s wheelchair at the end of the short film and i sync him hitting the ground and the noise of a car crashing to symbolise what happened to that particular character as the reasons why were not explained or spoke about throughout the script.

Not only that but this was the first project that had professional colour correction added over the top of the footage to fit in with it’s dark undertones with black being the predominate colour throughout and all other colours almost greyed out over the top.

(SNMJ Productions, 2014)

The most recent project i fully edited together as a six minute short film based of Michaela Knights script, myself and her worked very closely with the final edit as it was her script she had a good idea with what she wanted the final cut to portray.

When it comes to the editing aspect of the film the amount of time and effort spent in colour correction, multiple interconnecting sequences that help the story progress, but one of the problems myself and the director had was the shot selections for certain scene’s where during the production we decided to the same scene’s twice but with different camera angles and directions.

The one and only obstacle we had to tackle was how the end of the short film was going to conclude, with Michaela not writing the final scene we had to improvise on set and late pre production and in the end they decided to leave the ending up to me as i was the editor. So from this i decided to end the film with a loud gunshot but a black screen leaving the audience with a cliff hanger on who died and who didn’t.

Without question this is one of my highly regarded edits i’ve ever accomplished, and still three years later i can still re watch it and get satisfaction out of the way i was camera operator and editor for the production.

(SNMJ Productions, 2015)


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