364MC: Professional Practice #12 – Research & Development: Editor #3 – Editor Showreels & Portfolio’s

For my final research post about editors and how they portray themselves to possible employee’s and how they showcase their editing skills i’ve found three great example’s of how a editor should go about representing their work on a digital scale.

(Mirré, 2016)

The first example is by a video editor called ‘Stephan Mirre’ and what he shows to the audience in the beginning of the showreel is the different types of editing techniques and skills he posses, followed by a subtle transition into footage has has colour corrected along with special effects over subjects face’s and the ability to edit animation together which for some employee’s is a rare skill to find in aspiring video editor.

When it comes to me putting together a editors showreel i will show sequence’s rather than 10 second clips of footage i have altered, and the reason for this is because a editor should be able to showcase complicated and well put together sequences which clearly show the audience the amount of time and effort that has gone into crafting the project together.

What i would also do differently is show side by side comparisons of the original footage and the newly edited footage to show how much difference a video editor can do to a production.

(Szymkiewicz, 2014)

The second editor showreel i found was a by ‘Camilla Szymkiewicz’ and what i noticed throughout the showreel was the differences in transitions of text and footage covering all aspects of the screen and not just focusing on the middle e.g. four different images in each corner of the screen accompanied by a wide variety of font styles and text talking about what editing means to her and why she feels so passionate about it.

Another repeating theme i’ve noticed with video editors showreel’s is at some point during the showreel they display facts about how long they’ve been editing for, what software they are well established with and other notable qualifications that coexist with editing and the role overall. And to make one final compliment to the showreel is the colour scheme of purple and and pink which are the same colours that represent Adobe Premiere Pro.

(Karouni, 2013)

The third and final editing show reel i analysed was by ‘Nathalie Karouni’ and interestingly it didn’t have the same structure as the last two showreels above, with this structure of a showreel she’s broken down all the projects she’s worked on under their own categories transitioning from one to another clearly labeled and presented to the audience.

When creating a video editors showreel you need to think outside the box and make sure it doesn’t resemble any other editors showreel and that’s what this individual had achieved, i’m going to take a similar path when i start editing mine which is clearly labelling the different projects and industries i’ve edited for.

Overall when it comes to creating a showreel for a video editor i believe it’s more difficult to do so for this job role than any other as you have to somehow display your editing skills to individuals that might not necessarily know what to be looking out for when it comes to seeking out freelance video editors.


Karouni, N. (2013). Video Editor | Showreel | 2013. Available at: https://vimeo.com/62189422 [Accessed 17 Mar. 2017].

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