364MC: Professional Practice #8 – Research & Development: Camera Operator #3 – Websites

The next part of my research and development i’m going to look into how camera operator’s showcase themselves online on various platforms to gain work experience and show their future employee’s what work they are capable of. Alongside that i’m also trying to see if the headings and layout of their social media pages are consistent with content and keeping the public updated with their work flow and personal blog post’s.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.36.48.png

The first website i viewed was a freelance camera operator called ‘Phil Thomas’ http://philthomasvideo.com/ (Thomas, n.d.)  my first impression’s of the website is the colour scheme of burgundy and cream with black font, when it come’s my production website being established and created i’m going to consist the colour schemes between white and black. The reason for this is because my brands logo consists of them two colours so it makes sense on a continuity level that the theme of the website should reflect my logo.

Secondly the tabs that are presented on the top of the website are clearly labelled and laid out for any individuals to find and browse through, and none of drop down menu’s are their for no reason. Each tab has it’s own category reflecting the freelancers experience plus answers any questions that possible employee’s are seeking about where he’s worked, what positions has the freelance fulfilled in previous work.

Focusing on the homepage of the freelance website he’s mobile number and email address are labelled clearly on the top right, along with an image of himself using a steadi cam on set.

But what sticks out for my straight away when visiting the website is the on the right hand side of text is a small box that contains logo’s of different companies he has worked for in the past, and when you look at the companies he has done freelance for it’s defiently worth showcasing on the homepage of the website to give individuals visiting the website a rough idea of the client’s he has worked with in the past.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.00.23.png

The second freelance website i looked at was a camera operator called ‘Chris Hood’ http://www.christopherhood.com/ (Hood, n.d.) who has been operating camera’s in the industry for over twelve years, straight away what i noticed about this website was it was a more modern and slicker website to browse through. Firstly the theme’s of the website make for easy browsing and reading with a white background with bold black writing along with certain words or phrase’s being highlighted in turquoise to draw individuals attention to them.

Again the tabs at the top of the website are clearly presented and house their own categories instead of copying and pasting the same text and layout’s throughout, what’s really clever with the website is that even though their are tabs above the website you can just simply scroll down on the website and it takes you through the pages(tabs) that are on offer without having to click in and out of multiple pages.

One feature that the last freelance website didn’t have which most individuals would look for in this day and age is a kit list not only just in text and bullet points of what equipment you posse but having the images to support your claims also gives possible employee’s a good understanding of what quality is at hand and can also compare and contrast between other freelancers who can offer the same services.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 10.14.32.png

The final freelance website i looked at what for a camera operator called ‘Mike Johnson’ http://www.tvcameracrew.com/Lighting_PSC_Cameraman/Home.html(Johnson, n.d.),  interestingly the theme of the website in regards to the colours are not the same as the last two freelance websites, but straight away when you visit this website after the previous freelancer the website isn’t modern or updated on a regular basis and you can tell based on the previous work experience he has done and the logo’s of the companies he has worked for in the past with outdated logo’s for example the ITV 1 logo is no longer used in broadcast’s or press releases.

One thing i have noticed throughout all the freelance websites is highlighted key words, and when i think about why they do it, they expect individuals that view the website not to read everything that is presented so they highlight the words that would have importance or interest to individuals seeking a freelancer for production work. Which makes sense as some employee’s like to look at all their possible options before making a final decision on who to employ considering how flooded the freelance sector currently is.

From conducting this research into how freelance camera operators present themselves online with their personal production website’s everyone tries to make theirs look unique and stand out from the others trying to offer people service’s that people might question not suitable for a camera operator, but if you’re in the industry or inspiring to be you can see that most individuals that don’t work for in film or a production company result to working freelance as they can hire their service’s out to others that need it for the same prices and services.


Hood, C. (n.d.). Chris Hood – Freelance Cameraman – Birmingham, Midlands. [online] Chris Hood – Freelance Jib & Camera Operator (Midlands UK). Available at: http://www.christopherhood.com/ [Accessed 17 Mar. 2017].

Johnson, M. (n.d.). tvcameracrew.com Freelance television cameraman | Live | PSC | Studio | HD | birmingham midlands UK | Cornwall & Devon. [online] Tvcameracrew.com. Available at: http://www.tvcameracrew.com/Lighting_PSC_Cameraman/Home.html [Accessed 17 Mar. 2017].

Thomas, P. (n.d.). Freelance Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator Owner, Tricaster Operator & Web Streaming Technician: Phil Thomas Video. [online] Philthomasvideo.com. Available at: http://philthomasvideo.com/ [Accessed 17 Mar. 2017].


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