364MC: Professional Practice #9 – Research & Development: Camera Operator #4 – Showreel’s & Portfolio’s

For the final part of my research into establishing yourself as a camera operator i’m going to look at other freelancers showreels, comparing and contrasting between examples and what i would like to achieve when it comes to putting together my personal showreel for my freelance website.

(Thomson, 2016)

The first showreel i’ve watched was by ‘Cal Thomson’ http://www.calthomson.com/portfolio/camera-operator-showreel-2016/. With the overall video length being just under two minutes it get the purpose of the show reel across it showcase’s he’s wide variety of productions thats he has undertaken plus it shows to individuals and future employee’s the understanding with operating camera’s and how to use them to the best of their abilities.

What i also like about this showreel is the music that runs throughout the video complementing and progressing the visuals being displayed on screen and makes the overall production of the video look and sound professional.

The only thing i would have changed with my showreel before uploading it to my production website would be to colour correct any shots that haven’t already been to keep a consistent tone throughout the showreel, plus it gives the video a cinematic feel overall.

(Holford, 2015)

The second showreel i analysed was by ‘Rowan Holford’ https://vimeo.com/rowanholford, Straight away the showreel kicks off with beautiful establishing shoots, colours and a wide variety of camera techniques. Not only that but he also decided to upload the showreel onto Vimeo instead of Youtube, but i understand why due to Vimeo a heavily focused platform for creative individuals and filmmakers alike.

When it comes to publishing my showreel online i’m going to post it across as many platforms as possible to help it gain exposure to a multitude of different demographics, not only am i trying to market myself as a media personnel but letting business also know my services can be established for them alongside my goals of working in film and television.

In regards to the tone of the showreel not only do the visuals have a consistency in tone so does the music used again progressing the duration of the video, but what i really enjoy with the video is that the pace of the music is high tempo and non stop and what you get from high paced music and visuals is a visually stimulating three minute experience.

(Hedger, 2014)

And the final showreel i looked at was by ‘Alex Hedger’ hedgervisuals.tumblr.com and out of the previous two showreels i’ve analysed this one is my favourite due to how professional the content’s of the showreel is, high quality footage along with a wide variety of shots and techniques used to capture the audience’s attention.

Clear and precise informing the audience watching what the individuals capabilities are and what type of productions he has worked on in the past with a well mixed of short film, sports, interviews and promotional material for business’s. What i like at the end of the reel also is he has labelled he’s name, email address and website which i believe is a convenient and easy way to pick up work and people visiting your social media pages.

Below are two showreels i created a couple of years ago, the first was made for my interview for media production at university level and the second is one i created in college for a module that i was undergoing at the time. But i’m excited to create a brand new up to date showreel for the work i produced in 2015 & 2016.


Hedger, A. (2014). Alex Hedger – Camera Operator Showreel 2014. Available at: https://vimeo.com/100096759 [Accessed 17 Mar. 2017].

Holford, R. (2015). Rowan Holford Showreel (2015). Available at: https://vimeo.com/128089032 [Accessed 17 Mar. 2017].

Thomson, C. (2016). Cal Thomson – Camera Operator Showreel. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JtDqSltZYg [Accessed 17 Mar. 2017].




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