364MC: Professional Practice #18 – Work Experience #1 : Kong Coventry

The first project i worked on in regards to work experience was assisting in a promotional video for a newly founded store called ‘Kong‘ which is based in the Coventry city’s town centre. This wasn’t the first time i had worked with clients in regards to projects outside education,o so when it came to establishing contact with them and arranging dates to film the store being crafted from the interior they happily obliged and let us film the entire process from beginning to end.

On this project i was brought in by Deji who also studies media production at Coventry, he asked me to help on the project with the lighting and editing process of the project, again this wasn’t the first promotional video i had done. With multiple shops from my hometown Bedford reaching out to me to do a promotional video for their social media pages and promoting themselves in store and around the town centre.

When it came to editing the video i decided to go for a ‘urban’ vibe with the music and visuals being shown throughout the promotional video. As kong sale’s urban attire e.g. tracksuits, snapbacks, trainers etc it helped the promotional video get the message across that this was suited to a certain target audience and not just a general clothing shop like Primark, Top Shop etc.

What the audience are witnessing throughout the video is the shop being created from construction all the way to the final layout and design of the shop with all it’s product’s being showcased and labelled appropriately to it’s desired target audience.

Overall i really enjoyed assisting with the lighting of the store and editing the final cut of the promotional video, what i can take away from the editing process of the video was my attention to cutting to the beat of the track which plays throughout the entire video, something i’ve achieved in other similar projects including promotional and music videos alike. I can take the editing experience i’ve gained and apply it to my final major project.




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