364MC: Professional Practice #19 – Work Experience #2 : Commercial Law Placement (Interview)

The second piece of work experience i achieved was editing together a commercial law placement student’s testimony about the company she had been working for the entire year. I didn’t film the placement student, that was done via the in house law team division, she sent the footage over to me via Dropbox which contained roughly six or seven clips that needed to be edited together.

One of the main requirements she asked me to do while editing the video was to incorporate a lower third to appear when she’s first seen in the video with her name and her job role. And the only other requirement she asked me to pay close attention to was long pauses of no dialogue and shorting the unnecessary words or information she provides on screen.

The work experience was a pretty straight forward project to complete, working closely with the client Sheereen showing her the progress of the video at each stage gave her a really good idea of what the final cut would look like. She mentioned to me that this video would be shown at the in house law firm that she worked for so it’s a slight foot in the door on my part to gaining more work experience in the law industry.

The only problem i had the entire editing process was trying to cut and sync together the visuals and poorly recorded sound quality. Which was fixed quickly via me re tracing my footsteps on the edit process and overlaying the same effects and consistent audio underneath the video to ensure their was no ‘dead noise’ during the parts where she was not speaking to the camera.

Overall it was a fun work experience, not only did i learn some form of commercial law from watching and editing the video multiple times but i also learned how to adjust to audio files and images becoming out of sync with each other and how to resolve the issue without having to undo any previous work on the editing timeline.



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