364MC: Professional Practice #20 – Work Experience #3 : Entertainment Bros.

My third and final piece of client work experience i underwent was another promotional video for a independently run shop based in ‘Fargo village’ called Entertainment Bros. Who’s shop consists of selling game related products from the 80’s all the way up to the early 2000’s.

With their shop being based inside one of the outside containers they didn’t have a huge amount of space for multiple personnel and or tripods etc, so i decided to film the entire project free hand to give them room for customers to browse the store and enough room and footage to make them a promotional video for the shop.

What i tried to achieve with this project was to show the audience that they have a huge stockpile of retro video games and merchandise on sale for reasonable price’s. Again the promotional video was aimed towards a older generation but at the same time we tried to make it kid friendly so if they see certain games or consoles then it would trigger a curiosity for them to go and find out what the shop is all about.

Even though this was a client’s project they didn’t put forward any ideas about what they wanted the final promotional video to look like and pretty much gave myself creative freedom over the shots and the way it was put together in post production.

To conclude i’m a huge video gaming fan so when i had the opportunity to create a promotional video for a game’s shop i jumped straight in, i kept a close eye out for anything rare or had a cult status to the public that would instantly draw people’s attention to visiting the shop and providing them major business.



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