361MC: Final Media Production #8 – FMP Music Video Reflection #1

After a productive first day of shooting my final major project music video, i’m now reflecting on how today’s production schedule underwent. This was the first time i had met with the band members on a face to face basis, although i have been speaking closely with them via social media for the past couple of weeks getting final decisions cemented for the shoot.

The band showed up at location on time and with their music equipment, i had arrived two hours prior to setup for the music video shoot. For the shoot i decided to set up two LED light panels either side of the studio for optimal lighting for the Canon mark II, so when it comes to me editing the project their will be no grain appearing in the footage.

Alongside that i also brought along a shoulder rig for handheld segments, which when i looked back at the footage afterwards it’s minimised the distortion of moving around via foot, I also used a standard tripod for wide shots of the band performing the song which will give me a great perspective to use throughout the editing process to help me intercut between different shots and segments of the music video.

Overall i’m very happy with the direction my final major project is currently going. And i’m looking forward to filming the second part of my project later this week with the actors and actresses that i’ve selected to participate in the project.




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